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With multiple companies already launched, I am having so much fun building new businesses that fit into the Intentionally Congruent business path I’m following. I understand that Rome was not built in a day but when you have figured out the dynamics to build one business, the rest will easily follow.

I started with Alternative Energy, then went to Water supply, moving on to Web Development and design, Online shopping, Branding and training and the list goes on.

I believe we are destined for greatness and dislike it when people say they can’t do something. What one person can do, so can another.

Business Strategist

Business Strategist

Building businesses is so easy yet some business owners make it excrusiatingly difficult which confuses me.  In one hour of dissecting your business and operations I can re-design, re-create and automate your new or existing business.

My primary skill set is building intentional congruence , diagonal business flow, which increasing sales through systems around you and your business and developing unique marketing strategies that will boost you business leads and your brand.

My formula creates predictable outcomes that produce increased revenues, higher bottom line profits and automated online systems, aimed at giving you more time to do what matters.

MARKETING Specialist

Marketing Specialist

I created this platform to assist small, medium or large companies to get their brand messages out into, what I call, “ i-SPACE”. We use a unique mechanism to disruptively showcase your brand or business which creates astounding results that very few companies will experience.

With our LINE RATIO methodology we are able to get 10 times more exposure for half the spend and then add CRM ( customer relationship management ) tools to capture all the influx of leads to be used strategically from then on in. This is the best way to build your businesses.

HIGH Level Trainer


After having travelled around the world, speaking to thousands of business owners, I bring a new edge to learning. I grew up poor and understand what it means to start from the bottom. I also understand that it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, as it does not determine where you are going to end up.

I specialise in branding, marketing, personal growth, futurism, goal setting, strategic planning and all the soft skills too. I entertain, inspire, educate and change thinking with a long term vision and strategy. Go to my page outlining how I can help you or your company to grow through learning.

Franchise Licensor


After having launched multiple successful franchises throughout South Africa and now internationally. I understand what a good business opportunity is all about and how each licensee can monetise that. My business model is built around mechanisms that favour the licensee and build big brands across SA benefiting every member of our team.

We have a wide spectrum of license offers available ranging from the Water Industry, Alternative Energy Systems, Brand Building companies, Online Shopping, Training Entities as well as business syndication.

Portfolio of Companies


South Africa’s was always known as the best quality water supplier on the continent and around the world. Rand Water used to boast that they were amongst the top 3% world wide on quality of water supplied. This however has changed dramatically where now on 4 out of 54 have achieved the Blue drop test status, leaving consumers having to find alternatives.

This opens the door for amazing opportunities to be a part of the solution and monetise it. I started Eish2o in 2007 and it has been a monumental success across SA and some neighbouring countries .

We offer two different license offerings, namely the Platinum retails store options and/ the Express license.  To find out more, go to


Electricity prices have opened the opportunity to be in the alternative energy sector as customers are sick and tired of paying the ridiculous amount on their monthly bill. I saw consumers being frustrated with their helpless situation when Eskom turned off the lights back in 2007 and now again in 2015 where now the price of power is up over 250% in 7 years.

With more than 12 years experience in this sector, we bring you NVMYPOWER that supplies Inverters, Generators, Solar Solutions and batteries to an energy hungry clientelle.

With more than 30 licensees in our team across the country we are equipped agile and ready to service you immediate energy needs. Every solar solution we install helps relieve the planet of carbon emission. See more at


I launched this company in 2012, after being frustrated with the web development company that was attempting to create my site. They didn’t understand what I wanted and the more I tried to explain it, the more they were telling me it couldn’t be done.

My questions was, how can someone who has no business experience build a website that will make me money? Now NVMYBRAND has multiple divisions that creates interactive and mobile friendly sites, Branding, SEO Management, Video creation, Lead Generation Portals and much more. To find out what we offer, go to


NVMYGROWTH is the most dynamic business training platform in SA. We focus on quality business training from an entrepreneurs point of view.

We focus on teaching business owners how to build intentionally congruent businesses, build successful Marketing portals and build strong brand equity in their respective industries. We teach the concept of H.S.I. and straight line ratio outcomes.

Making money is so easy when you are on top of your game in business. we can show you how.


Online shopping has become a new way to buy what you want in the comfort of your home, office or arm chair. In the world of high fashion and commodities, NVMYSTYLE was created a platform to bring you great fashion at affordable prices.

Our full range of ladies and gents wear as well as accessories has fast become the talk of the town. Check out our range on Facebook or our interactive online store at


ClubCEO is the most exciting business development concept to hit us in the last 20 years.  Initially founded to assist business owners on how to improve and grow their existing businesses as well as help them to build new ones, it quickly became a concept that is changing the face of business growth.

The only systematic business system that shows you how to own multiple businesses and work less than you are working now. If you are accepted into a ClubCEO Consortium in your area, you will be taken on a business journey you will never forget. Our Consortium members now enjoy the freedom to own many companies and earn from multiple income sources. Check it out at


BPA is a type of software or systemized method that takes difficult, redundant or otherwise complex tasks and simplifies them into a streamlined, hands-free process. In plain English, that means BPA uses less technology to get the same job done, making your operations a lot less complicated and a lot more efficient.

The goal of BPA is to save businesses time and money by completing tedious tasks automatically, which then increases productivity by allowing your employees to focus on their core areas of talent. BPA can help reduce costs and avoid wasted manpower in a wide range of operational areas.



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